Accounting is a very important for company to monitor and control its financial so that owner can find out how their business is going. If you are a business owner in Cambodia you might want an Accounting Software to manage your transaction. And here are some business accounting software that is most use by many company in Cambodia.

QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting Software is a very popular accounting software solution in Cambodia developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks is fit for small and medium business build version for offline and cloud access that client can access from window application, or mobile app and also access with any web browser.


  • QuickBooks Offline and LAN:
    • Basic Accounting Management – Customer Management, Vender Management, Sale, Purchase
    • Export and Print Invoice
    • Cash flow management
    • Expense and Income tracking
    • Accounting report
    • Single or Multi User.
    • Offline/Online manual or schedule auto back up.
  • Online Cloud
    • Access anywhere from window application, mobile app, and web browser.
    • Track your expense from anywhere
    • Create invoices, sales receipts and send in minutes.
    • Accountant can manage your records from anywhere, anytime making it easy to work together.
    • Automatic backups: QuickBooks Online backs up your data every day.
    • Data security: Bank level security (128-bit SSL encryption) ensures your data is safe.

Xero Accounting

Xero’s products are based on the software as a service (SaaS) model used in over 180 different countries. Xero is a web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. Xero can be accessed from any device with an active Internet connection.


  • Create professional invoice easily
  • Acess from from anywhere from mobile app, tablet, web browser
  • Tracking Sale and Purchase with inventory
  • Multi-currency: Reconcile foreign currency accounts, with exchange rates updated hourly.
  • Integrate with other software.
  • Attach files to data: Attach source documents to almost anything in Xero – invoices, bills and more.
  • Create purchase orders: Create and email custom purchase orders and copy to bills for payment.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Bank Integration

QNE Accounting

QNE business solutions are designed for business running in networking environment (eg: LAN or WAN) with special attention to Cambodia market. It has been special customized to fit any country environment. Especially it has Cloud Base Version which allow client to access their accounting software from anywhere and anytime with Cloud Web Base or Hosting Database.


  • Accounting Management – General Ledger, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Sale, and Purchase
  • User Friendly easy to use and navigate with multiple tasks.
  • Advance stock management with multi warehouse
  • Multiple costing method
  • Multi-Currency
  • Accounting report
  • Advance finance tracking such as Project and Cost Center
  • Tax report special design for Cambodia taxation
  • Support Khmer language for invoice and all printing form (Quotation, Sale/Purchase Order…)
  • Advance customize report and all printing form
  • Cloud database is available that you can access from anywhere anytime with Window app, Mobile app, or web browser with high data security

Sage 50 Accounting

Sage 50 cloud is a set of accountancy and payroll products developed by Sage Group aimed at small and medium enterprises. Sage offer different products under the Sage 50 name in different regions. The product name originally derives from the UK and Ireland version of the product where the number 50 indicated that it was aimed at companies with up to 50 employees.


  • Basic Accounting Management
  • Inventory Pricing and Multiple Costing Methods
  • Payroll/Employee Management
  • Cash Flow Manager
  • Financial Management
  • Multi-Year Reporting & Budgeting
  • Accounting Report

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