Whether you are setting up a retail business for the very first time in Cambodia, or you are an experienced merchant, having the right POS is essential for your success. Your POS, or Point-of Sale system is the central component of your business, and much more than just a way for customers to pay for their purchases. A great POS system should provide you both operation activity and analyst data that informed your business decisions. Some of the capabilities of a quality POS system include:

  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • Accounting
  • Sales reporting

1. Set-up cost and compatibility with your hardware

When you choose a POS software you are not only focus on software but you must make sure this software is compactable with hardware that you want to use. You should choose POS that compactible with hardware that have provider in Cambodia because when you have hardware problem it won’t take much of your time to solve.

2. What features do you need?

POS systems can be used in many different businesses, from cafés and salons to gyms and retail stores. As a retailer, the features that your business needs may be somewhat different to many other merchants that may require a POS. As such, you need to be sure that the system you choose has the right features to make your business a roaring success. Before you start looking around, make a list of what you need most from your future POS and use this as the basis for your search.

3. Decide if you want a cloud-based POS system

If you want to access this software from anywhere else other than you company then you should choose cloud database. Cloud database not only allow you to access from anywhere but also insure you data security and your computer problem that you no matter your computer is broken your data is still safe.

4. The usability of your chosen POS.

A great, usable POS is actually important in the satisfaction of your staff at work. It can be incredibly frustrating spending your days trying to use a complex and difficult system, particularly if it causes you to feel under pressure at work. POS system should be able to use with any device such as tablet or smart phone other than just computer.

5. Simple training procedures

By choosing a retail POS that is very user friendly and offers plenty of training resources, you can streamline the training process and get your new staff up to speed in no time. When you select Hike as your retail POS, you will have access to an entire library of training articles and videos designed specifically to get your new employees fully trained on our technology in super-fast time.

6. Supporting business growth

You have to expect how is your business growth so when choose a POS software you should ask for solution that your provider can offer.

7. Inventory Tracking

POS help you on sale process but in sale process you have to track how you is stock is going. POS system must have control on product quantity and product expiry with alert.

8. Integration with third party software

POS software only help you manage and speed up your sell process but it doesn’t help you in accounting process so it may need to integrate with other software such as Xero, QuickBooks, QNE Accounting, peechtree.

9. Reporting

Report is the most important data for owner to check how their business if going so POS software should be able to check report of profit and loss. Daily sale and monthly sale and other activity from User (Employee).

10. Customer Support

When you choose a POS system, you aren’t just buying into a software, but you are also need support from your provider to prevent any technical problem to insure you don’t waste your time finding problem or solution.

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