In Cambodia, Choosing accounting software is a challenging to manage your business financial transactions along with storing, sorting, retrieving, summarizing, and presenting the results in various reports and analyses. Choosing accounting software should focuses on providing a company’s management with the information needed to keep the business financially healthy. Here are the factor that help you to choose the right accounting software.

1. Find out what you need.

Your think about what you need for your business for you will need to consider if you need only basic accounting such as General Ledger, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Purchase, Sale and Sale or you need more requirement such as track on Project and Cost Center.

2. Usability Factor

User Friendly Interface Software

Software should make user will be feel comfortable and ease to navigate between module and easy to find any function.

Multiuser Access

Accounting software should be able to use by many user at the same time without store data in different computer.

Cloud-Based Software and Mobile Access

If you are mobile you will need to may need accounting software that can be access from anywhere. In this case you should choose accounting software that can be access from your web browser or mobile.

3. Data and Security

Data and security is the most important of using a system thus your data is very important that it must be keep secure and integrity. You should think about this point.

Cloud or Local?

You should think about storage that you will store you database to keep you database secure.

Local Database is very common in usage for small business that user and owner don’t need much mobility and don’t need much for security but if you choose Local database you should choose software that can back up manually or automatic by system.

Cloud Database is very secure and more accessible from anywhere anytime if you are mobile and you want to keep track of your business you should choose accounting software with cloud database.

4. Scalable

You should choose accounting software that fit your current requirement but can be scale to next level base on your business grow such as upgrade package but the important is will supplier be able to offer you for your business growth.

5. Feature

By know about your requirement you should check about feature that software provide.
Basic feature must have:

Create invoices and customize as company need.
General Ledger Journal Voucher record
Manage list of Customers & Supplier
View account payables & receivables
Track expenses according to Categories, Group, Class
Manage inventory, inward-outward stock movements and wastage
Perform bank reconciliation by importing bank transactions
Create purchase orders (PO) and record inventory purchases
Create and manage taxes
View Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement and Trial Balance reports
Manage account and permission
Export data

Good to have Features:

Support for multi-currency transactions
Option to manage employees and process payroll
Categories transactions according to projects

Access control for every team member (account)
Manage Stock such as, multi warehouse and stock transfer.
Track income and expense base on project.

6. Take a demo

You should take demo before you buy to seek for feature you need for business so you can check all feature that you need in current business and potential requirement.

7. Try before you buy

Depending on the size and type of package that suits your business, most suppliers will provide a free 30 day trial or download or an online or onsite product demonstration.

Customer Support

Switching to new accounting software, however, user-friendly or advanced, is a bit uncomfortable to everyone involved. Be sure that from time to time you or the staff are going to need support from an expert. The product’s user manual is not going to have all the answers.

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